Management Policy


To operate Cork and Bottle Old Perth Road in a responsible, professional and friendly manner with community and cooperation being at the forefront of our dealings with customers and the public in general.


To work in cooperation with our neighbours and the greater community in order to provide a convivial and harmonious atmosphere for all to enjoy.


To provide education and amusement for all so that people from the community might get to know each other better and in doing so strengthen the community that is Bassendean.


Juveniles policy


If juveniles are to enter the premises it must be with a parent or guardian, not an older friend or relation. It must be only for reasonable refreshment and is not a protracted visit.

No pre-teens allowed on the premises after 6pm.

Teens may be allowed after 6pm with a parent at the manager's discretion.

No juveniles are permitted to approach the bar at any time.


In all other cases juveniles are not permitted on the premises as per the Act.


We are not a childcare centre


You love your young children but please be mindful that others are not here to be entertained by them and are here for a quiet and restful time. What you think is cute a playful can be very annoying for other patrons.


Children must be seated at all times and under the direct supervision of an adult. Colouring in is fine as long as it’s not our furniture that is being coloured in. Children must not be at, or be brought up to, the bar.


We have staff carrying hot food and drinks if your child is running around it is a very dangerous situation for our staff and your child.


If your child has an ‘accident’ please inform a member of staff immediately and they will help clean it up.



Dress Code

Strictly enforced after 6pm

Neat and tidy dress attire and footwear must be worn at all times.

No colours, bikie insignia, or patches at all times

No dogs on premises (except seeing eye dogs)

Dogs are allowed in the alfresco area, on a lead, under control

No Thongs

No Work Wear

No Work Boots

No Singlets

No Board Shorts



Code of Conduct


  1. The sale of liquor and its consumption on our premises is an essential part of our business and management and staff are committed to operating the Cork and Bottle Old Perth Road in accordance with the laws pertaining to the sale and supply of liquor at and from these premises.
  2. Management and staff of the Cork and Bottle Old Perth Road recognise and acknowledge that the excessive, or irresponsible, consumption of liquor can be harmful to individuals and the community.
  3. Management and staff understand the importance of the responsible service of alcohol to enable our patrons to enjoy the facilities at the Cork and Bottle Old Perth Road.
  4. It is not our intention to allow our patrons to consume liquor at the Cork and Bottle Old Perth Road to an extent that it is harmful to themselves or harmful to others. Management and staff are committed to serving alcohol to our patrons in a responsible manner in accordance with the guidelines published by the Director of Liquor Licensing.
  5. It is our responsibility as licensees and the duty of our staff and crowd controllers to identify patrons who are consuming alcohol in excess or in an irresponsible manner.
  6. Management discourages the irresponsible or excessive consumption of alcohol by implementing strategies to prevent or reduce such activity on the part of our patrons.
  7. We encourage, and require, our patrons to consume alcohol in a responsible manner. Management will require any patron who consumes alcohol irresponsibly or behaves in a disorderly manner to leave our premises in an orderly fashion when requested to do so.
  8. We do not permit juveniles who are not accompanied by, or under the supervision of, a parent or guardian (not an older friend or relation) to patronise our premises. And no juveniles can be on the premises after 6pm. The law in respect of juveniles will be enforced at all times.
  9. We respect the rights of neighbours living in close proximity of the Cork and Bottle Old Perth Road not to be unduly disturbed, or inconvenienced, as a result of the operation of our premises. We expect and encourage our patrons to also respect the rights of our neighbours and to behave in an appropriate manner whilst patronising and leaving our premises.
  10. Management and staff are committed to addressing any complaint that may arise from our activities at the Cork and Bottle Old Perth Road, or the behaviour of our patrons in the vicinity of the bar. We are committed to responding to, and resolving, any complaint in an expeditious, courteous and appropriate manner.


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